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Areas of Particular Expertise

The clients I see present with a range of psychological experiences. The issues I specialise in relate to:

Cancer, Haemophilia and Long-Term Health Conditions

Coping with a diagnosis and its impact on the lives of the individual and those surrounding them

Coping with the impact of the Infected Blood scandal

Interpersonal Relationships

Addressing issues affecting the formation and the quality of my clients’ relationships with others, as well as adapting to changes and loss

Relationship to Self

Addressing issues involving one’s views and relationship to oneself, such as self-worth, perfectionism and self-criticism

Anxiety in its Many Forms

Addressing specific fears and phobias as well generalised sense of anxiety, rumination and hypervigilance

Low mood and other Challenging Emotions

Addressing recurring and persisting difficult emotional experiences, such as frequent feelings of sadness, guilt, and anger

Sexual identity

Addressing issues relating to one’s sexual identity, sexual practice and their interaction with socio-cultural contexts impacting their psychological wellbeing

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